Hey! My name’s Isaac and I am a third year Popular Music Performance (PMP) student at Southampton Solent University, studying bass guitar. This blog serves a variety of purposes, but it’s ultimate goal is to help promote myself as a professional musician and bassist. Other aspects of this blog include videos and links of other people who inspire me, as well as websites and article which I find useful and would recommend not only to other working professional musicians, but for anyone in general looking to learn more. It also includes my current work on my dissertation, in which I am attempting to write a book that teaches people to play music through bass, explaining the ‘why?’ and providing many different approaches taken from various sources. I will use this also as a space in which I can learn from others, so please, feel free to post anything which you think would be helpful! No matter how mundane, obvious or even just wildly out-there it may seem!

Why the name ‘Expression Bassist’?

Barry Green (in his book The Mastery of Music) talks about how mastery of music requires three things; technique, concentration and artistry. I couldn’t agree more, but personally I feel musicians in general (especially the beginner-intermediate category musicians) tend to lack in at least one. From experience I find musicians that have good technique tend to lack in musicality, they have become somewhat robotic players and in extreme cases are unable to write songs, riffs or solos. On the other hand, there are musicians who have greater skill in expression, but lack technique. Although equal importance should be placed on all three aspects to form an all-round great musician, I believe that expression significantly outweighs technique, and I will explain why.


There have been bands/musicians/artists who have written some great songs, but in this particular example I will pick on ‘Fountains of Wayne’ with there song, ‘Stacey’s Mom’. The reason I pick on this song is that it got fairly famous, getting into the charts and was very popular (search the statistics yourself 🙂 ), but if you watch this performance,


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